About Me

My name is Glenn Bronner and I am the grounds
supervisor for the oldest chartered hospital in the city of Chicago, Illinois. I have been involved in
horticulture one way or another for over 36 years and I have a vast knowledge of all the wrong things
to do which I will be happy to share with you here on my web site.

I started my horticultural career back in my home town of Miami, Florida at the age of 8. Back then my main duties were to pull weeds out of my grandmothers zoysia lawn and to help with picking the fruit off of the mango, papaya,orange, grapefruit, lemon, and avocado trees.

A picture of the palm trees in font of my grandmothers house before the leathal yellowing disease killed them off.
I guess this picture kind of dates me they did not do color back then!

Later on in my teens,I quickly learned about the money to be made while doing lawn work for others. I made friends with several of the local
nursery owners and they taught me a lot about propagation and cultural care of plants. As I was
doing more installation work, I started to grow more and more of my own materials to increase
my profits.

I started my own plant nursery certified by the State of Florida and would sell lots of material to
other landscapers and home owners. A Lot of the material was interior tropical plants as I did
interior plant design and maintenance for several large offices and some restaurant and hair studio
In my late twenties,I moved north to Illinois and attended horticultural classes
at the college where I worked. I learned about greenhouse propagation and management, as well
as turfgrass, soil and fertilizer, and sports turf management.
My resume also includes several high schools, hospitals and my own landscape maintenance business.
Along the way I
have picked up a lot of information, techniques, short cuts, and even scientific facts.
Which I will be happy to share with you.