Choosing a Container or Pot

All over the country in backyards, parks and city streets you will see beautiful gardens in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. When it comes time to planting your own garden the long list of free seed catalogs will be sure to aid in your planning.

Whether you choose to plant flower seeds, vegetable seeds, wildflower seeds or herb seeds is completely a matter of preference, perhaps you’ll want to plant a little bit of everything. A great way to include a variety of different flower seeds, vegetable seeds and wildflower seeds in a small space is through container gardening. Before starting your container gardens you’ll want to select the right sort of container or pot for your particular needs. The following are some container gardening tips; first you will want to choose a container or pot that has drainage holes; consider the types of vegetable seeds or flower seeds that will be going in; you will want a pot that is big enough for the plants root ball as it grows; consider whether the pot will be in hot midday sun or full sun all day long; if you won’t be available to water all the time, you should consider a drip tray or reservoir that can be filled from bottom; ask if the pot will be left out during winter and lastly ask yourself if the pot will need to be moved around.

Container gardening is an excellent way to plant a variety of flower seeds, vegetable seeds and herb seeds and place them wherever you feel best. Whether you live in a small or large space, container gardening is a wonderful way to enjoy gardening.

Different Types of Containers

Wherever you live gardening can offer a bit of peace and tranquility to an otherwise busy life. The large selection of free seed catalogs to be found offers a wonderful way to plan and dream about future gardens.

Equipped with your garden accessories, flowers seeds, vegetable seeds, wildflower seeds and herb seeds you can plan and organize a beautiful garden whether you live in a small or large space. Container gardening is an excellent way to include a variety of flower seeds and vegetable seeds gardens in a small space. It’s important to know a bit about the different pots
available beforehand to get one best suited to your needs. The following are the main types of pots used for container gardening and include; synthetic such as fiberglass and resin, these pots look real and are usually light, durable, inexpensive and frost resistant (plastic pots are great at conserving moisture and can be used as pot liners); wood pots are great at retaining water and hardwoods known for not rotting (can also treat); metal pots are usually heavy and great for tall plants, need to water a lot, also good for winter; clay pots (terra cotta) porous but will dry out quick (many not resistant to frost); and stone and concrete pots which are good for maintaining soil temperatures and moisture, can be left out over winter, but too heavy to move.

So before using your garden accessories to plant any flower seeds or vegetable seeds you might have do a bit of research to determine exactly which pot will best fit your needs.