Container Gardening: New Ideas

Have you been looking for some new ideas for your home or garden? Have you considered container gardening? Container gardening can provide you with an aesthetically pleasing decorating aid the offers versatility and uniqueness. The containers themselves include many different sizes and shapes and functions. Window boxes are a popular form of container gardening that you will see on both homes and commercial buildings. Containers are produced from different materials including wood, cement and plastic or vinyl. This allows you to select the perfect color and texture for your decorating plans. If you want to have more than one container to garden in you will have the choice of purchasing matching sets or mixing your boxes around a theme. The plants you put in them can also be decided upon based on your theme. A tropical patio may call for potted palms or a kitchen window may call for a herb garden window box.

There is one main concern for your garden when you are container gardening that becomes a bit more urgent than in a regular garden. The soil held in the container will dry out more quickly than ground soil. As they are raised above the ground they are subjected to more evaporation and temperature changes. You can avoid problems by making sure they are always watered and not left to dry out for too long.

Container gardening can add splashes of color in drab areas of your garden. They can bring vegetation indoors where plants would not normally be. They allow a whole new element to a decorating plan that can be very appealing almost like a form of living art.

Container Gardening can Bring Greenery to Any Spot

Container gardening and window boxes can add additional room to grow in an area that may not provide enough space for your needs. It can also be used to place vegetation in areas where you may not the desire for soil as in an indoor area or patio with cement or wooden ground cover. Well placed and well planned container gardening can bring color and greenery into almost any spot. You also get the added advantage of being able to move many types around to accommodate furnishing changes or changes to your mood. Flowers and shrubs often find a home in a container but many chefs will encourage herb gardens indoors for their fresh seasoning needs. Nothing can be fresher than herbs used right off the plant.

You may find vegetable gardening difficult if you live in a region with high rain levels. An exaggerated form of container gardening can solve the problems too much moisture can cause to your crops. A raised vegetable garden will allow your garden to breathe better and decrease the opportunity for rot to take hold. In some locations gardening would not be possible without the use of containers and raised beds. Gardeners will also tell you that a raised garden is much easier to care for. It is easier to weed as it grows and weed control is easier to manage. You just need to make sure it doesn’t dry out if you go through a bit of a weather dry spell.

Large container gardening around a pool or patio area can bring in trees to areas where they would not otherwise have the right conditions to thrive. A completely cement pool and patio area can be turned into an oasis of lush greenery and color in many creative designs.