Eclectic Containers

There are lots of different containers that can be put to use in your container gardening. Make your garden a REAL conversation piece.

When we think of container gardening we think of window boxes, garden windows and flower pots, but let’s use our imaginations and see what else we can come up with!
I have a friend whose passion in the summer is her garden and in the winter is country crafts, antiques and giftware. So it is only natural that she would combine the two together in her garden. Every time I visit her, I am amazed at just how lovely her garden and yard are and how creative she is.

Some of the interesting items that you can use for planters and pots in your container gardening are:

  • old skates, running shoes or leather boots – loosen the laces and pull the tongue forward,
  • old purses – great for hanging from railings, arbors, walls or trees,
  • antique bedpans – can lean up against a wall or drill a hole and hang. (Note: drilling a hole will chip the enamel.),
  • an old bicycle with front carrier (or attach a rectangular cedar or wire hanging basket in its place). A carrier over the rear wheel can also be used to anchor a container,
  • a child’s old three wheeler tricycle – set the flower pot on the seat or attach to handle bars,
  • a child’s pull wagon
  • an old wheelbarrow – lean an old rake or garden tool up against it,
  • old tea cups and saucers – chips are okay too as they adds interest,
  • an old kettle,
  • old oversized gardening gloves (see article on decorating these)
  • old doll carriages,
  • antique legged bath tub,
  • half oak barrels – if not planting right away, fill the barrel with water so it doesn’t dry out and lose its ability to hold water. If your barrel is already at that stage, then lay it on its side and have flower plants tumbling out.

It is also fun to add unique trellises for those climbing roses, clematis, vines etc. Try using old metal bed frames, or large wagon wheels.
So use your imagination with your container gardening. Turn those window boxes and flower pots into works of art.

If you have photos of unique container gardening that you have done, email them to us and we will be happy to upload them here for everyone to enjoy. Of course we will give you bragging rights!